Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Equal Opportunities

Along with his reassuring comments on the’ bunga bunga’ situation the other day, Berluska also fired up the Christian convention by promising that, as long as he remained in charge, single people would never be able to adopt children - (wild applause), gay couples would never be considered on a par with ‘traditional’ families (still wilder and wilder) and that state schools were rife with communist teachers who filled children’s heads with left wing propaganda – (‘platea in delirio’ at this point!!)

Lucky for us, we have an Equal Opportunities Minister who will no doubt, sooner or later, jump up to defend homosexual rights, at least put in a good word for single people.

By the way this is a photo of Mara Carfagna, our Equal Opportunities Minister before she became a politician.

She hasn’t, up till now, been too quick off the mark at promoting anything much to do with equal opportunities. The Global Gender Gap Index for 2010 ranked Italy in 74th position, slotted in between the Dominican Republic and Gambia. Iceland was 1st and the UK 15th .

Mara Carfagna was voted 3rd on the hottest MP list some time ago which I suppose makes up for it though!