Monday, 24 October 2011

Italia 0- Germania 10 –Last laugh (or The Culona’s Revenge!!)

After being called an Unfuckable Fat-Arse by Berlusconi a few weeks ago, Angela Merkel finally got her revenge.

At a Brussels press conference yesterday, a journalist asked Sarkozy and Merkel if the Italian prime minister had given them the reassurance they were looking for. Were they confident that B would come up with the necessary reforms?

It doesn’t really matter what they answered, or if you understand the French or not… just watch what happened.

This morning lots of Italians woke up feeling very patriotic and offended by what they see as an offence against Italy. But, iff you go around electing (and re-electing) a man like Berluska  though, you’re going to have to face the music sooner or later. For years they’ve refused to acknowledge that the rest of the world is laughing at them. “We’ve got beautiful women, Ferraris and fashion, pizza and the pope!”  they say, as if this guarantees them an eternal place in some sort of political First Division without ever needing to earn their place.

Yesterday B got a good telling off by the EU bigwigs and a list of things to put right by Wednesday… or else!!! Or else what? Detention? A smack on the wrists? Exile to Bermuda (via the triangle would be nice)?

Not really sure ‘or else what’ but for me, who’s not an Italian and not in the inciest-winciest bit patriotic (had you guessed already?) the Culona’s revenge was priceless!!