Monday, 19 September 2011

September- and back to court

Today Berlusconi missed an important international meeting to appear in court… 
Hey, but who's interested in that when a new and much jucier scandal is gripping (!) Italy at the moment and ironically B is the injured party not the accused.

It seems that he has been blackmailed, and has already handed over more than 800,000 euros to a man named Tarantini in return for his silence. You might have read about it but if you don’t know, Tarantini is a pimp whose job appears to be recruiting escorts for Berlusconi.

By the way, the word ‘escort’, which used to be a car, is now the official word used in Italy to describe a prostitute. It’s a much more sophisticated term, almost glamorous… It represents a career move…. only a stone’s throw away from your own television show or a cabinet post…an absolute must if you want to get on!

Whilst Berluska is desperately trying to push through a bill to limit the use of wiretaps in an attempt to save himself, Tarantini has already been arrested. As a witness Berlusconi is obliged to give evidence. And he has to do this without the presence of his lawyer and without the faculty of not answering (have no idea what that is in English- if you’re accused you can choose not to answer but if, like B, you’re a witness, you can’t… so he’s got to)
But of course he is refusing to go. He says it’s a trap.
The option open to magistrates now is to ‘escort’ him forcibly. A large number of Italians are anxiously awaiting this scene.

But the wiretaps have been used and we know what he said and what he did.
Sorry Silvio but you have no defence.

If you haven’t heard yet what our PM has been up to these are just a few of the things he said.

- “Last night I had a queue outside the bedroom door … There were 11 of them…. But I could only manage 8.” (He is almost 75 so I suppose it’s justifiable)

- I’ve got a terrible week coming up: meeting the Pope and Gordon Brown… I’m going to have to cut down the number (of prostitutes) this week.”

- “In my spare time I’m the Prime Minister. What I’d really like to do is stay at home with my bambine (little girls!)”

And here are a few of the things he did according to the wiretaps

- cancelled an official appointment at the UN, so that he could spend the evening with one of the prostitutes supplied by Tarantini.

- used government aircraft to ferry prostitutes to his parties.

- issued a diplomatic visa to his pimp to join him on an official visit to China he could organise a night's entertainment for the prime minister during the visit.

-took time out from official duties to ensure that one of his regular escorts was not voted off a reality show on one of his TV channels.

-invited senior managers from his cinema production company and from state TV to his soirées,so that he could slip his bambine into the best tv and film jobs.

We wonder whether the ageing, billionaire, sex maniac, media mogul premier can do something about rescuing Italy as it slowly disappears down the economic plughole.
And we doubt it.

The only thing to be grateful for is the fact that he is so rich and he can pay. If he didn’t have so much money he would be a seriously dangerous man!!