Friday, 4 March 2011

Equal Opportunities- Part II

The next month promises to be a busy one for our illustrious President as, in theory at least, he is set to attend 4 different hearings in court for varying bits and bobs. (He’s already avoided the first one) The race is now on for his government to push through at least one of a whole series of proposals specially designed to help him avoid being tried.

But think about it! What would you do if you were the PM and, due to some nasty communist judges, risked being tried for silly stuff like bribery, false accounting, embezzlement, mafia collusion, tax evasion, abuse of power, under age prostitution… that sort of thing? Silly question… you would change the law.

If you’re accused of a crime why not change the law so it’s not a crime anymore. The accounting laws for example. That was easy.
How about the ‘prescrizione’, which in the Italian court is a statute which determines the length of time a trial can drag on for without it being closed? Simply shorten the time limit and lots of those old cases hanging over your head will get closed automatically.  
Don’t like the communist judges? Invent a law which says that you can be tried where the judges are friendlier.
How about a few laws to avoid going to court in the first place: ‘Legittimo impedimento, which means, seeing as you’re pretty important and will always have some internationally vital engagement to fulfil, your absence in court can be justified. Just fill up your diary with internationally vital engagements for the next year or so and you’re away. 
How about restoring parliamentary immunity so that you will never have to go on trial whilst you’re PM?
Suspension of trials for the highest state authorities? Great. See above.

And this morning one of B’s men proposed a new one (luckily trashed immediately, but even so…) reducing the length of trial for anyone over the pensionable age of 65!  

In every courtroom in the land a plaque on the wall reads ‘La legge รจ uguale per tutti’
The law is the same for everyone.
Luckily some of these attempts at personal law making have not been signed by the President of the Republic as they violate this fundamental part of the Italian constitution.

A few days ago the German defence minister resigned as he was accused of having copied part of his doctorate thesis!!!