Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Land of Take What You Want

I’ve just finished reading Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood with Eve. Anyone remember that tricky trio, Jo, Bessie and Fanny and their Faraway Tree friends: Moonface, Old Saucepan Man, Angry Pixie et al.

Eve loved it and has now started saying things like, ‘Goodness me, I’m in rather a fix Mother.’ And ‘What a queer little man!’ !!
After adventures in all sorts of different magical places the tree swings round to the Land of Take What you Want. The children, as EB children were wont to do, filled with Great British altruism, got a goat, some chickens and a spade for their dad to do the gardening as they were very poor and needed to grow vegetables and have eggs and milk. Silky the fairy got a walking clock and Moonface, who didn’t really need anything, sat and guarded the entrance just in case the land started to swing off again. Can you believe it!

The Land of Take What you Want!!! Imagine… everything you needed… whatever you wanted you just needed to take!! What do you think would happen?
Answers please to ‘Tales From the Harem…’ It's a serious question.

PS The champagne was cracked open, B’s candidate came in with more than 10% less than the other in Milan.Whilst in Naples B’s got 35% and  ours, the terribly heroic Luigi De Magistris, 65%. 
Now we await the resignation of Berluska himself.