Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Italia 0 - Germania 1

Last month Berluska was in the ‘merda’ again when one of his telephone conversations was leaked:

                      “La Merkel รจ una culona inchiavabile”.

Your Google translator might blush at this so I’ll try to translate it for you. Culo is like saying arse so a culona is a fat arse or a big arse. Chiave is a key but the Italians use it as a verb a bit like the English would use ‘screw’…. You’re starting to get the drift…
OK, so our Prime Minister was discovered announcing (in a private conversation it has to be said) that Angela Merkel was an unfuckable fat arse…Which of course he has every right to think but…. should he really be surprised that Germany are reluctant to include him in any of their important meetings concerning real politics?
This morning our newspapers were full of indignation that Germany and France had dared to meet to discuss the economic future of Europe without inviting Italy… and it’ not the first time!! Have they got something against us? Do they not take us seriously? Aren't they being a bit chidish?? Is it really a time for paranoia??? …. Or should we start by getting rid of B????
Don't think I would have invited him either. Brava culona!! :-)